Can you feel the buzz starting around
Youth and Rio+20?!!? 

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development is going to be held in Brazil in June 2012. It is a 3 day event that will focus on two themes and has only one objective—to have governments commit to sustainable development.

Rio+20s is a youth-led, completely volunteer-based organization. It strives to create a platform for active youth participation in what could become one of the most important international events in years.

There are thousands of events, initiatives and fun stuff happening globally. We are trying to make sure that youth globally stay informed about what is going on.

You can help by adding a blog entry of what is happening so that other youth can find out about what you are doing. We want entries in any language you speak.

The Major Group of Children and Youth are looking for your feedback about how to spend our funding. Youth movements like the Australian Youth Climate Coalition are doing survey’s on Youth Participation. The UN is collecting photos of Sustainable lifestyles globally  (upload your photos here) and  UNEP have created their Youth Xchange guidebook to promote sustainable living amoung young people.

Youth are launching petitions such as GAME CHANGE (have you signed it yet?)

Rio+twenties, with its partners the European Youth Forum and Road to Rio+20 are co-organising an International Youth Strategy Meeting at the University on Youth and Development on the 19-24 September 2011 to mobilise young people and exchange different approaches to the conference (more).

What is clear is that young people care and we are a powerful force for change. So whether you are part of a task force (see left if you want to join one) or working locally, nationally, globally or online….we want to hear from you!

We want to share your successes and your initiatives.We need your articles and to hear about what fun things you are doing.

It is exciting that we are working together to change things for the better. Join the Youth Space…have fun, make friends and advocate for change!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


18 Sept: Youth Task Forces 1st Draft Zero Deadline
1st November Draft Zero Deadline


Official UN Youth Page:

Join main youth mailing list: 

General Info:

Contact us:

Follow us: 
@RioPlus20    @RioPlusTwenties


Please take the questionnaire about how the Major Group of Children and Youth should spend its money:



International Youth Strategy Meeting for Rio+20 to be held in Mollina, Spain

Useful websites:


Collaboration (Scholarly) in English and Portugeuse:

Volunteer opportunities:
Please email ASAP. You don’t need experience…just need energy and interest.


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