International Youth Strategy Meeting (day 1)

Rio+Twenties, Road to Rio+20 and the European Youth Forum are meeting with young people from across the world to begin working on the youth strategy for The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, known as “Rio+20”, which will take place on 4-6 June 2012. This event is based at the University of Youth & Development. It may be a small start with only 15 young people plus anyone involved online focusing on the youth vision for Rio+20, youth participation and strategy for youth for the next few months but it is an exciting start.

After months of planning, it has finally begun…the week long University of Youth and Development opened today in Mollina with 300 young people from 19 nationalities travelling to Spain from 70 different countries. It is exciting to see the updates online and if you are interested–you can track things on their blog.

There are 10 other youth sessions taking place but the European Youth ForumRio+Twenties and Road to Rioare hosting the International Youth Strategy meeting on Rio+20.

If you want to contribute your ideas–you can!

Contact Ben [at] or felix.beck[at]

The aim of this week is to explore the hopes and expectations for Rio+20 from a youth perspective, bring organisations together to build a collaborative way of working and lay some of the initial groundwork on a strategy for achieving a successful conference for the world’s youth next June.

Over 80 people applied to attend and only 16 young people could be selected to attend the university and we know the group here are representative of only a small section of youth and the organisations who are working on Rio+20. This isn’t about an elite group of young people coming up with a plan for everyone to follow. We have to start somewhere and this ground working allows us to come up with a tangible way forward for more people to participate in and be part of over the coming 9 months. We do realise that 15 youth cannot legitimately represent the voices of all the youth and children in the world but they do aim to kick-start strategic thinking and promote your involvement

Felix Beck, German National Youth Council
Johanna Salmi, Swedish National Youth Council
Liset Meddens, Dutch National Youth Council
Mathieu Soete, AEGEE
Jeeban Panthi, Small Earth Nepal
Livia Mourao, Terrazul
Anna Collins, Global Coalition for Climate Action
Mariana Orozco, Human Impacts Institute
Bernadette Fischler, WAGGGS
Jean-Paul Affana, Vital Actions for Sustainable Development
Ben Vanpeperstraete, Rio+twenties
Ivana Savic, Rio+twenties
Lloyd Russell-Moyle, European Youth Forum
James Higgins, European Youth Forum
Nicolò Wojewoda, Peace Child International/Road to Rio+20
Alex Farrow, UK Youth Climate Coalition

You can find more info here:


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