Day 2 of Mollina..and strategy

Today, youth gathered together to start to seriously strategise for Rio+20. The focus was on how to increase mobilisation and participation in the process leading up to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.

It was interesting to see how different youth discuss strategy.  While the maajority of Youth present are European (because it is in Europe) there are also youth present from Nepal, Brazil, Argentina, and Cameroon.

They are looking at what out vision for Rio is, what outcomes we hope to achieve and how to coordinate this with major players.

Since they are all focused and unified 0n developing strategy for how to tackle this -it is interesting  following their work online and it seems that the energy is electric.

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  1. My name Is Marina Hutton and I am a member of the Political Science Club at the Concordia University College of Alberta in Canada. As a part of the club, I am trying to organize among the teachers, students and school board, a team of students and faculty researchers to attend, and if possible, participate in the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and the events surrounding it this upcoming June. Our current hope, is to make contact with local and national NGOs in Canada who are looking to attend and partner with them. We will be preparing our own research in preparation for the conference including participation in a National Model UN conference on the same topic. We would appreciate any resources that are obtainable and are hoping that you will help us in this.

    Thank you for you time and consideration,


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