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Youth News

Since the last issue, the International Youth Strategy Meeting was held in Mollina (Spain).
Rio+Twenties, Road to Rio+20 and the European Youth Forum met with young people from across the world to begin working on the youth strategy for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (aka “Rio+20”) which will take place on 4-6 June 2012. The aim of this week was to explore the hopes and expectations for Rio+20 from a youth perspective, bring organisations together to build a collaborative way of working and lay some of the initial groundwork on a strategy for achieving a successful conference for the world’s youth.
Youth Meeting in Mollina
Three hundred young people from 19 nationalities travelled to Spain from 70 different countries travelled to the University of Youth & Development in Spain. They brainstormed, creatively planned, discussed the preparations and how youth can influence change. You can  watch the videos or see the photos by checking out: (
While this was going on we know that you have all been busy on different projects, mobilising your communities, friends and schools. We want to hear your stories. We want to share your news… If you want your events, content, ideas, etc to be included in the next issue (two weeks time) email ASAP. We need your feedback and your ideas!

Join us to communicate globally!


TUNZA conference for children and youth
27 September – 1 October 2011
More information here
Latin American Youth Congress
28 Sept– 2 Oct 2011
More info click here

Nigerian Youth Summit on
Sustainable Development –

14 – 15 October
More info click here

Global Youth Conference–
Climate Change and
Sustainable Developmen
Geneva. 17-19th October
More info click here
Applications still open!

More information on upcoming youth events can be found on our website:


Try the online “Youth Leadership,
Environmental Sustainability and Ethics!”

Courses Dates: 11th October –
11th November 2011 Apply now


Exchange your ideas and gain a chance to attend Challenge: Future Summit 2012 in Slovenia (all costs covered). To be in with a chance to win, answer the following questions:
1. How can business be sustainable?

2. What is your solution on 21st Century disasters?

*A great chance to get one of the 2500 Euro Scholarships to attend the Summit in Slovenia.* Take action! 

In the News:

Read about thirteen-year-old Cassandra Lin who launched the Turn Grease into Fuel in 2008. This youth led project is generating green energy solutions and green jobs (More).


Go to Rio+20s website

You have joined the mailing list for the major group of children and youth…you know whatRio+20 is…

Now what?

Take it to the next level — join a task force, write a blog, organise a mobilisation event in your school / neighbourhood, write to your government, enter the kids art competition, share your news with the world…make the Major Group of Children and Youth your voice for change!


Green Economy: Our 1st draft of the Major Group of Children and Youth’s draft zero has been circulated for feedback (deadline for feedback is 1st October 2011). You can contribute your ideas / edits either email or using the pirate pad. Next meeting 2nd October 2011[Join the call by ringing the conference line (+9900827044022956) for free using skype!]

Governance (aka Institutional Frameworks):  Since this group has had a slighlty later start-up, the range of opportunities for discussions within the Task Force remains wide open and there are excellent opportunities for every viewpoint to be heard– if voiced urgently. Join us and add your contribution to this vital area.

Objectives: Exciting News…our first Draft is now open for feedback, edits, changes and serious drafting: Please join our next meeting: 26th September Monday at 8pm (GMT+1) by ringing the conference line (+9900827044022956) for free using skype!. We are a small group…lets have fun!

Facilitation: Next meeting 5th October 2011.

Communications: Urgent need for a webdesigner for the Major Group of Children and Youth. The terms of reference for the website are If you are a web designer / have experience with creating websites and are interested in helping please contact There will also be a meeting on the website soon (date to be confirmed). We also need more updates for the UNCSD2012 website. Please send any news, events, updates etc on what Children and Youth globally are doing to The communications team also request input to the wikispace: –this is meant to consolidate information that the youth space has.

Mobilisation: Share your news, ideas and get support here:


Webdesigners: The Major Group of Children and Youth are looking for webdesigners. Interested? Email

Policy Director and a Media Director for COP 17 –> Project Survival Pacific International Team are currently looking. Interested? contact krishneil.narayan
[at] before 8th of October 2011



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Brussels 1030


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