New Organising Partners Elected

Dear MGCY,

We are glad to announce the results of the recently concluded elections for three additional MGCY Organizing Partners, bringing the current number to four.

The voting through the secure online platform (Survey Monkey) had concluded on the 29th of September, after the application deadline was extended three times, and the detailed profiles of all the candidates were posted online on the website.

We are happy to report that the process has been perceived as very transparent and we had a voter turnout of over 80%.

All contestants had cleared a selection process to screen for prior experience with MGCY and capacity to carry out the role.

The next election for two additional OPs will take place next year after after the carry forward term of Children and Youth International  (Represented candidate- Aashish Khullar is over).

The Elections Task Force is working on writing a detailed report of the election including an explanation of the process, how it played out, recording complaints and suggesting recommendations for the elections committee for the next election. This should be finished by next week.

So now the results. The top three candidates (in random order) that are now OPs are for a two year term are:

Restless Development ( Represented by: Sarah Hynes)


European Youth Forum ( Represented by: Lloyd Russell- Moyle)


Pacific Youth Council (Represented by: Tahere Siisiialafia)


 Children and Youth International (Represented by: Aashish Khullar)

(Carried over and due for election in 2015)


With the election of these OPs and the carry forward, the term of Center for Human Rights and Development Studies ( Represented Candidate- Ivana Savic) will end.

The detailed Bios for the new OPs can be found here-

All the OPs will be meeting shortly and figuring out a plan of work. This will be taken to the facilitation team and the whole list will be updated at every step.

Best wishes,

The Elections Task Force


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