How we work

The Major Group on Children and Youth is made from the following members:

  • Individuals (who are under 30)
  • Organisations (who are led by young people under 30)

The Major Group for Children and Youth aims continuously improve the way we function. From time to time we agree guiding  principles that all members can operate by. We are currently undergoing going a full review of these but presently we operate by the Processes and Procedures document which was a collaborative effort of the Major Group. Some of the key things are highlighted below.

slide05Firstly you can join one of our main mailing lists and get involved with our work. Most things happen online, in monthly calls and in meetings every few months in New York when the negotiators meet to decide our future.

MAIN MEMBERSHIP SPACE (ANNOUNCE LIST) Everyone should be part of the Major Group list which is here:!forum/majorgroup

Organising Partners

We currently have four elected organising partners who role it is to co-ordainte the work of the Major Group on Children and Youth.

The Organising Partners can be reached at and questions should be directed to them all together.

Children and Youth International
(2011 – 2013 & 2013- 2015)


Restless Development
(2014 – 2016)


European Youth Forum
(2014 – 2016)


Pacific Youth Council
(2014 – 2016)



We are involved in a number of different UN process either directly through one of our Task Forces or indirectly through partnerships with other coalitions and organisations which represent youth in different spaces.

Working Groups & Main Processes

Our work is based around Working Groups (we have seven at the moment), in some areas youth spaces already exist and have autonomous spaces.


Sustainable Consumption & Production

10 Year Framework of Programmes for Global Action on Sustainable Consultation Production Patterns


Post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals

Open Working Groups, President of the General Assembly High Level Events, High Level Panel Report and the Post2015 Summit.


Global Governance & Participation

High Level Political Forum, Future Generations and the Annual Ministerial Review

Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

UN Conference on Small Island Developing States


Disaster Risk Reduction

UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
Disaster Risk Reduction

Financing for Sustainable Development

International Conference on Financing for Development and the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable development Financing


Housing and Sustainable Urban Development

Habitat III: 3rd UN conference on housing and Sustainable Urban Development


Internal Working Groups


Communications & Media

Renewal & Outreach

Elections and Selections

We have a financial Working Group which is operated as part of the board of the holding organisations of MGCY “Children and Youth International”


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