CSD-19 took place in New York from 2-13 May 2011 with the topics of Waste Management, Chemicals, Mining, Transport and the 10 Year Framework on Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The MGCY had a strong presence. Our points were raised by other delegations in informal meetings, were included into drafts of the negotiating text and were included in statements made at the High Level opening session. we gained tangible support from member states for our amendments and were granted the opportunity to speak during negotiations when no statements were scheduled. Some governments even lobbied us, demonstrating that they were listening to what we had to say, valued our input into the process and maybe even considered the “voice of young people” a factor to take into account. We were recognized as educated, informed and serious advocates for policy amendments. It was also the first time in MGCY history that the MGCY proposed amendment was placed in the text directly listing our name in brackets. This amendment garnered the support of both the US and EU.

Despite all of the hard work, the negotiations failed and the text was not adopted. While states had agreed to numerous points within the thematic discussions, consensus could not be reached on some of the more difficult points, and how to state the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the issue raised on people under foreign occupation. It was a disappointing outcome, one that questions the process and the relevance of the CSD within discussions of sustainable development, and raises the stakes to deliver in Rio.

Despite this, the MGCY was praised by several delegations for their active role in the negotiations and for the constructive dialogue that we contributed. Here are a few more highlights from the MGCY:

  • we coordinated the largest Youth Blast to date, with over 70 participants.
  • we delivered basic training for social media to all of the relevant groups.
  • we held focal group discussions on ethics and how this influenced the substance of the text.
  • we attended all thematic sessions of the CSD-19, and a lot of the closed sessions.
  • we were specifically mentioned during High Level opening statements.
  • our lobby points made their way into the text, member states statements (during the thematic groups…word for word!), we met Ministers and held bilateral meetings.
  • we met with the negotiators for the EU and were given the opportunity to ask them questions.
  • we had over 59+ youth pass through.
  • our policy paper had been prepared by over 133 contributors, including organisations and groups.

For more specific information about what we said and what we were lobbying for, click on the links below to view our statements and lobbying points.

MGCY policy recommendations

In preparation for CSD-19, the MGCY worked with hundreds of youth and their organisations to develop our position paper on the thematic discussions. This document was submitted to the CSD prior to the conference and served as the basis for our lobbying and interventions.

CSD-19 MGCY Policy Recommendations


Opening Statement – 2 May 2011

Thematic Statements:
Other Statements:

lobbying points

official documentation:


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