Children Working Group

If you are under 18, you still have a voice and a right to express your dreams about the future.

Please join the Major Group of Children and Youth to share your words with the UN and the word. You can do it alone. You can express yourself at your school, with your friends or in your community. But we also allow you to meet young people all over the world who are interested in the Environment…and to hear their stories and ideas also.

Lets start talking.

Working Group on Children

UN Major Group for Children and Youth Working Group on Children is a group aiming at supporting active participation of children within the UN Major Group for Children and Youth as well as in the process leading up to Rio+20, and the Conference itself, supporting alignment and cooperation of the child participation initiatives for Rio+20 and avoiding duplication of work. In addition, Working Group has rights based approach to participation of the child. Members of the Working Group consist of:

  • MGCY members (10-30)
  • Professionals working with and for children
  • Representatives of the UN system working with and for children

UN Major Group for Children and Youth Working Group on Children (UNCSD MGCY WGC) has the following objectives:

  • To support, organize and facilitate participation of children
  • To organize consultation with children
  • To set out how confidentiality and child protection issues will be handled
  • To be a forum for information exchange and experience sharing
  • To educate children on sustainable development and to empower them to engage in decision making process
  • To provide guidance and standards for the participation of children in the WG, MGCY and the Rio+20 process, and to set a framework to measure improvements and progresses on effective child participation

Based on the aims and objectives, deliverables of the WG will be:

  • Participation Strategy
  • Consultation Strategy
  • Action Plan
  • Evaluation and Monitoring Mechanisms
    • Data base of participation initiatives and projects
    • Training pack for children

WG has a facilitator that is selected by the group. Decisions in the WG are made by consensus. WG regularly reports on its activities and work to the MGCY Facilitation Team. Additionally, members of the WG are actively involved in the activities and work of the MGCY Facilitation Team. Based on the identified needs subgroups are formed.

In order to build common understanding of the terms, working definition of the child, participation and consultation are: A child means every human being below the age of eighteen years (Article 1, Convention on the Rights of the Child ). Whilst there is clearly (in international law and national law) an over lap between childhood and youth (usually youth starts around 15 years old), we try and work flexibly so that children between 15-17 years old can participate on their terms with other young people whilst ensuring the safeguards and provisions that they will need.

Participation is a process by which children can influence decision-making.

Consultation is a process whereby children are asked for their opinion.


To email the Children’s Working Group Please email, to join their work the email list is here.

SofiaSofia Garcia
SOS Children Villages
chrisChristopher Dekki
IMCS-Pax Romana

Draft Work plan

The Children Working Group of the MGCY is prioritizing a number of actions, this is a draft mind map of some of the areas of work which we cover.

Children and post-2015[1]


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