Communications and Media

Think about this. At the first Earth Summit in 1992, fifteen thousand delegates from around the world gathered in Rio, bringing together the first global voice about sustainable development… and they had no internet. Facebook did not exist.

Our generation lives with communication at our fingertips – through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the multitude of blogs and websites, we communicate with the entire world on a daily basis. So what?

The achievement of sustainable living is only partly created through policy. What really drives its attainment is action; small-scale activities happening in local communities, across the planet, embracing sustainable living practices. That’s what it’s really about. We use access to social media platforms to inform and drive the way we think – we gather knowledge, make decisions and take action. Imagine if we focused our thought on positive living and communicated this to the entire world, sharing stories, experiences, building a global movement towards sustainable living.

That’s what the MGCY Communications Team is all about.


Our goal is engage with 1 billion young people in the build-up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit.


To do this, we need your voice. Here’s how you can get involved:


Our greatest communication tool for global collaboration is our website. This is our platform presented to the world, and we need you to make it come alive. Write a blog, leave a comment, tell us about your work, upload a picture, make a video, and share your ideas about sustainable living. Share this website with your friends and other interested youth so that we can get everyone involved.

If you’ve got technical experience in web design and programming and could volunteer your skills to help build our website, please let us know! We are constantly improving our website to make it more dynamic and user-friendly based on feedback received from users. If you want to get involved or leave a comment, send an email to

Y-Connect – MGCY Newsletter

Y-Connect is the MGCY newsletter, aimed at mobilising and preparing young people for Rio+20 and will inform you about what’s going on and how to get involved. Y-Connect is a fortnightly communication that will provide information about Rio+20 and youth involvement for sustainable development. To submit articles for the next edition, or to provide feedback and comment on this publication, please send an email to the Y-Connect editors: and Join on us on the road to designing a new world.

To subscribe to Y-Connect click [here].

Story Board

Stories are how we think, they are how we connect with the world and determine our engagement with it. We want to hear your story. Make a video about your thoughts on sustainable development, or what you think the future should look like. Write a story about the work you’re doing and send us some photos. Start a discussion on a blog about sustainability and share your experiences and best practices. Tell your story so you can inspire others to take action as well. Go to XXX to get involved.

 Campaigns: Uniting people through collective action

Raising awareness through campaigns is an important part of our work: campaigns bring people together in a unified voice to achieve collective change. We have a lot of campaigns on the go, and we need your help in spreading the message. Check out our campaigns [here] and tell us about any other you know about.


The creative arts can move, inspire, motivate and change people and are a powerful way of conveying ideas and beliefs. We have created the ArtSpace which is a platform for young people to share how they involve the arts in environmental and social change. We’d like to share what you’re doing, so tell us about your theatre project, music group, art studio, whatever art form you work with. Click [here] to get involved.









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