Finance and Fundraising Working Group

The Finance, Fundraising and Legal issues are handled by the board of Children and Youth International (the holding company of UN MGCY). We have registered non-profit status in Belgium, Charity Status in the UK and access through a partner organisations to a USA 501(c3) status. 

Sponsor us

If you are interested in sponsoring the UN MGCY please contact the Treasurer of Children and Youth International: Mike Kalmus Eliasz on

What could you sponsor:

1. Capacity Building
We need money for some really worthwhile projects…and every little helps. We are young so our operational costs are low as we have such a huge volunteer base and we are technologically savvy. But we do need money for some practical things like materials or events…at the moment the key projects that you might be interested in are below. We can send you a finance proposal if you let us know how much you are willing to contribute.

We are doing a lot of work to engage young people who are living without access to the internet to get involved and educated about how they can contribute to sustainable development

2. Youth Blast/ Children and Youth Forum.
We have run Youth Blasts and Children and Youth Forum before every large UN summit since 2002. With thousands of Children and Young People taking part.  For each event we need to rent a venue and perhaps serve lunch…if we can raise some funds?!? The event is free for any young person to attend and will be attended by young people based globally.

3. Research
We have conducted research and produced paper for the UN and other international organisations on the views of children and young people on particular issues. This work is vital to ensuring that the work that we do is well informed and also we speak for the people that need it the most. This research can be in cooperation with others (like some of our work with Help Age International) or other times in on particular issues (like some of our work with NRDC).

***contact and  for more information****

Please note that we also have access to organisations in our network with 501(c3) status and therefore if you are in the US–we have that sorted 🙂 As the Major Group of Children and Youth is just a constituency–we ourselves do not have any ngo / etc status. But our members do and we do have a team of NGOs that are the organising partners. Their role is to provide us with bank details to process your donations and to liaise with the UN Secretariat. You can find out more here:


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