Get Involved

youthblastThe first thing that you need to do is join the UN Major Group for Children and Youth and then you select which area of work you want to get involved in. You will automatically be added to the relevant email lists.

Join today using our online form

It’s easy. We have two types of participants

254922_215419081824384_214357361930556_694900_1100176_nIndividual Participants

Should be 30 years or under and wanting to sign up to one of the Working Groups. You should agree to fulfill the guidelines of participation in the UNMGCY. Join here



Group Participants263822_221281624571463_214357361930556_724454_1515730_n

Should be a group, organisation or network which has a policy making body controlled by people 30 years or under and identify a lead representative. The organisation should be willing to fulfill the guidelines of participation in the UNMGCY. Join here


You will be asked a few short questions to help us track who we’re working with and so that we know how best to support you. By registering, you will automatically be added to the relevant mailing lists and you will also become members of the holding company for the UN MGCY called “Children and Youth International“.

You will receive a welcome email for each process you have signed up for and can share any information related to youth and the process you have signed up to. We encourage you to share your information!

Once you have joined the Major Group, there are lots of ways to get involved and how you do this is completely up to you. You may want to be an active contributor to policy, help facilitate a working group, inspire youth activism in your local community, or just read about what’s been going on.

What can I do?

Working groups

We have two Working Groups (Internal and External).Depending on your level of enthusiasm and commitment, participating in the working groups could take a little or a lot of time. These groups are set up so that people with different interests can contribute in different ways. If you have ideas for other working groups that you would like to see, contact the Organising Partners and let us know your ideas.

Keep updated

If you don’t have the capacity to get actively involved activity in one of the working groups, don’t worry you can join and just keep updated with what’s happening.

Working Groups (External)

Each of our External Working Groups is based around a UN process and negotiation which we help coordinate children and youth in. You can see the process listed here. They are coordinated by a team of Deputy Organising Partners who are elected internally in each working group on a personal mandate.

Working Groups (Internal)

Each of our Internal Working Groups is based around getting us to work better together, they can be about the functioning of the MGCY (like our Communications Working Group) or about coordinating issues across themes (like our Children Working Group). They are coordinated by a team of facilitators who are selected internally within each working group on a personal mandate. You can see the working groups (internal) here

Assembly call

This is the monthly call (which used to be called the Facilitation Team) it is open to anyone who’s in a Working Group, it is the coordinating body between all the Working Groups and you can come and listen in or take an active part in coordinating our work. The call details will be sent out across the email lists ahead of each call.

Who’s already taking part?

We publish the lists of all the participants (both individual and group) from time to time. These can be seen here

Still want more?

Some people think that if you join a youth organisation, the only thing you’re focused on is youth. But we disagree. We know there are youth out there who have multiple interests, and we encourage you to get involved with other Major Groups. If you want to know more about the other Major Groups and what they’re doing, click on the links below to take you to their official website.



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