Rio +20 newsltter

Subscribe Share Past Issues RSS Translate Read for important Updates, News, Surveys, Deadlines, opportunities and its all about what young people are doing to prepare for Rio+20! Your news blast for the next two weeks… Youth News Since the last issue, the International Youth Strategy Meeting was held in Mollina […]

Rio +20 Children’s Art competition

Should we care about the environment? Do you know what pollution is? Can we save the Rainforest?   What is your favourite animal? Can we save our planet? ENTER OUR ART COMPETITION! In 2012, there is going to be a global meeting to think about our environment. This is YOUR chance to get involved in telling your government […]

YOU (th) can change the world!

Participation it is not something that is given but rather that is learnt –Ivana Day three already. It is really interesting watching how lack of reliable internet access impacts a group of youth. But they are still brainstorming, sharing ideas and expressing themselves. Here is a short video from a youth […]

Day 2 of Mollina..and strategy

Today, youth gathered together to start to seriously strategise for Rio+20. The focus was on how to increase mobilisation and participation in the process leading up to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development. It was interesting to see how different youth discuss strategy.  While the maajority of Youth present are […]

Subscribe Share Past Issues RSS Translate Can you feel the buzz starting around Youth and Rio+20?!!?  The UN Conference on Sustainable Development is going to be held in Brazil in June 2012. It is a 3 day event that will focus on two themes and has only one objective—to have governments […]