Post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals

The Post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals have been coming together following on from Rio+20 and the end of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.

We are developing Policy on Sustinable Development Goals and Post2015 here

Bringing two streams together

It’s a long story as to why the two streams (Sustainable Development and Development) are separate. Some of this is to do with old Rich-Poor country relations and priorities, other reasons is to do with a weak and/or fragmented Environmental Governance framework which meant that it took over Sustainable Development and some was just empire building.

Either way governments have agreed at the General Assembly Special Event on MDGs in 2013 that the two process will come together. This is roughly how (click on the image for a larger copy)


The Open Working Group will deal with Sustainable Development Goals with a stock taking period until February 2014 and then a agenda setting period between February 2014 and July 20114

The High Level Panel of Eminent Persons has reported at the end of 2013 and the Secretary General will take on board other conferences and consultations to create a “synthesis report” by September 2014.

Negotiations will take place between September 2014 and September 2015 where a Summit on the Post-2015 agenda will be held to agree the final outcome which will include follow up of the MGDs with Sustinable Development/Sustinable Development Goals at it core.


The Timeline of the Process is dynamic and changing all the time. We will shortly update the timeline for 2014. Currently you can see a general overview here (click on the image for a larger copy)



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