CSD-18 was a good year for the Major Group – a team of organised, committed individuals and youth organisations gathered together to make interventions and push forward the ideas of children and youth from around the world. Working groups were formed, effective lobby points were developed, statements were delivered, and internal communication helped to strengthen all of these processes.

lobby points

At the beginning of CSD-18, a workshop was held with youth delegates to determine a number of lobby points for the thematic discussions of the CSD. These are essentially the main focal points for each theme and indicate what the youth are advocating for. The topics of CSD-18 were Mining, Transport, Waste Management, Chemicals and the 10 Year Framework on Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The Major Group focused on Mining, Transport and Sustainable Consumption and Production and developed the following lobbying points:


Reprinted with the permission of IISD/Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

Throughout CSD-18, youth have the opportunity to make statements and interventions on behalf of the Major Group for Children and Youth at a series of plenary sessions and high-level discussions. working groups are formed to develop the statements and different youth have the opportunity to deliver them in the various sessions.

CSD-18 was an incredibly successful year for the Major Groups – a total of 153 interventions were made, marking the most participation that civil society has had to date. Of this, the Major Group for Children and Youth had the most interventions out of any other group, delivering 23 interventions in total, demonstrating the significant impact that youth can have during the CSD deliberations.

The following statements were written and delivered through the combined efforts of the Major Group of CSD-18.

Opening Statement – 3 May 2010

Regional Statements:

Thematic Statements:

Other Statements:

Closing Statement – 14 May 2010

official documentation:

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